The vineyards

Our winery currently includes about 18 hectares planted with vineyards, divided into the following zones:

Le Pergole Torte
planted in 1968, area 2 ha, N-NE exposure

planted in 1982 and partially replanted in 2008, area 2,5 ha, SE-S exposure;

Il Sodaccio
planted in 1972 and then totally replanted in 2000, area 1,5 ha, SE exposure;

Il Casino
planted in 1999, area 2 ha, S exposure;

planted in 1997, area 3,5 ha, SE-S exposure;

Pian del Ciampolo
planted in 2003, area 1,5 ha, W-NW exposure;

La Casa
one part planted in 2000 and another in 2008, area 1 ha, S exposure;

Borro ai Colli
planted in 2000, area 2 ha, S-O exposure;

replanted in 2010, area 1,3 ha, S exposure.

Sangiovese accounts for about 90% of planted vines. 10% is Colorino and Canaiolo. Plant density is 5,000 vines per hectare in the vineyards planted since 1997 and 3,200 vines per hectare in the vineyards prior to 1997.
The oldest vines are trained by using the Guyot system and the youngest ones with the spurred cordon system. We have been using a 100% organic farming system since vintage 2009. The space between vine rows is covered with grass and on-farm produced compost serves as fertilizer.
Grapevine pest control is based on the use of powdered copper and sulfur. We have never planted grape varieties other than the traditional Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Colorino. Our approach to winegrowing is to produce wine which fully reflects our land’s identity.