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Aqua Vitae Le Pergole Torte

Our Aqua Vitae is obtained by steam distillation of the pomace left over from pressing Sangiovese grapes grown in “Le Pergole Torte” vineyard, located at the Montevertine winery.


After the distillation process, Aqua Vitae is aged in small oak casks for about four years, after which it is bottled.

Aqua Vitae is the result of the collaboration between Gioacchino Nannoni’s Distilleria Artigiana, which takes care of the distillation, ageing and bottling stages, and Azienda Agricola di Montevertine, which provides the basic ingredient.
We believe that, because of its special characteristics (amber-colored, soft to the palate and nose), it would be quite reductive to describe Aqua Vitae as “grappa”.

Instead, Aqua Vitae reminds us of other kinds of wine distillates, such as Armagnac.